Boston Celtics Turkish Player To Play At Toronto Raptors On Christmas Day

Boston Celtics Turkish Player To Play At Toronto Raptors On Christmas Day

Enes Kanter To Play Outside USA Since 2018

Boston Celtics’ Turkish-brought into the world focus Enes Kanter will play against the Toronto Raptors in Canada on Christmas Day – his first match outside of the US for over a year.

Kanter, 27, has been a pundit of Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In January 2019, Turkish examiners gave a universal warrant for his capture and he told the BBC he was caught in the US.

Enes Karter First game OUtside Usa since 2018

Before Wednesday’s match, he tweeted “I’m Free” close by a Canadian banner.

Writing in Toronto’s Globe and Mail paper, Kanter stated: “I need to express gratitude toward Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration, US and Canadian law authorization, US Senator Ed Markey, the Celtics, the NBA and my directors for working constantly to make my Christmas game against the Raptors conceivable and guaranteeing my wellbeing there.

“Also, on Christmas Day, I will play in my first game as a Celtic outside the US when I take the court against the Raptors.”

Kanter has not played outside of the US for any group since November 2018.

While playing for the New York Knicks in January, Kanter didn’t venture out to London to play the Washington Wizards over feelings of dread for his security and he likewise missed a game in March against Toronto as an individual from the Portland Trailblazers.

Kanter’s Turkish identification was dropped in 2017, which he said was a direct result of his political perspectives. He holds a US green card.

Blame on him

He is blamed for having joined with furnished gatherings said to be behind 2016 bombed upset in Turkey.

Fethullah Gulen, who lives in the US, is asserted to have planned the upset, and Kanter said he was with the Islamic priest the evening of the overthrow.

Enes Karter Celtics

Kanter moved to the US in 2009 and was drafted into the NBA by the Utah Jazz in 2011, preceding joining the Knicks in 2017. He moves to Portland in February and afterward the Celtics in July.

“For me, there is nothing I would prefer to do than play ball,” Kanter included his publication in the paper.

“Be that as it may, I haven’t had the option to go to urban communities outside the United States. I’ve needed to desert my group, which is hard for somebody like me, who esteems kinship and group solidarity as much as I do. The explanation: I stand up against the Turkish state.”


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